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While maintaining an allergy to all types of insulin, if the patient's condition allows, it is necessary to try to achieve compensation for the disease with the help of oral Amoxicillin hypoglycemic agents and other auxiliary measures.

If an allergic reaction occurs, the insulin dose is not increased and desensitization is continued the next day from the previously tolerated dose. In rare cases, while maintaining a sharply increased response to insulin, desensitization has to be abandoned. In the diabetology department of IE and CG of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, a rapid desensitization scheme has been developed. In this case, the patient is first injected with 0.02-0.04 IU of porcine insulin, and then every 2-3 hours in the absence of an allergic reaction, the dose of Amoxicillin is doubled and then it is administered fractionally.

Slow desensitization is carried out in the absence of urgent indications for the introduction of the drug.

  • Positive Steps Staff With Dr. Schoen Every 30 minutes, the administration is repeated at a concentration of 1:500, then 1;250 and 1:125. On the second day, the administration of insulin is repeated at a dilution of 1:100, then 1:50,1:25,1:12. On the 3rd and last day, 1/4, then 1/2, 1 and 2 units of the drug are administered at the same interval.

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Hypoglycemia is the most common complication of IT, caused by a drop in blood sugar levels below 2.78 mmol / l, or a rapid decrease in a short time from high numbers to normal or subnormal levels. Such relative hypoglycemia is possible when patients with a high level of glycemia have a relatively good state of health. A decrease in its level to normal leads to a deterioration in the condition with the appearance of general weakness, headache, dizziness.

Intravenous administration of a 40% glucose solution in this case eliminates these phenomena.